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Rules and page-a-mod post

Rules are a work in progress. Some changes will be made as we go along.

1. All prompts must involve at least one character or actor from the TV series Gotham.

2. All prompts must have a kink. The kink does not need to be a sexual kink. Please format your prompts like so: James Gordon/Barbara Kean/Alfred Pennyworth, threesome.

3. This kinkmeme is Choose Not To Warn. We do ask for all kinks to be clearly labeled in the subject line or immediately below if the kinks don't fit on the subject line.

4. With respect to triggers, the mods of this kinkmeme are sympathetic, but we feel that Choose Not To Warn and clear labeling of kinks is as comfortable as we are going on a kinkmeme.

5. Individual prompters and fill posters may include warnings - that is up to them and we are not going to ban them, we are simply not going to require them.

6. ALL prompts and fills involving underage characters - in Gotham these are currently Bruce Wayne, Selina Kyle and Ivy Pepper - must be posted to the separate underage prompts post.

7. RPF is allowed, but this meme does not allow RPF with actors or any other persons under the age of eighteen. Please format the subject lines of RPF prompts like so: RPF Ben McKenzie/Jada Pinkett Smith, cunnilingus

8. The comments to this post are screened, if you wish to contact the moderator, please use either this post or the screened post in the mod journal.